Velkommen til Høegh Sport

Velkommen til Høegh Sport

Postet av Høegh Sport den 17. Apr 2014

Cycle to Work 2018 - get active and join the competition!

Cycle to work is a corporate sport national activity competition, with the goal to get as many as possible to use their feet, bike or roller skates/skis to and from work. This year's campaign will start 19 April and lasts until 17 June.

30 minutes of exercise every day makes a huge difference in your life!

Two types of activity may be registered: Kilometres to/from work and any minutes or kilometres of other exercise or sport activity off work.

Höegh Sport sponsors the admission fee and organizes teams.
Just sign up on Registration for Høegh Sport and select one of the teams.

Check out for details and registration.
Contact for details.

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